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The Aquatic Biome, covering over seventy-five percent of the earth's surface and comprised of both fresh and saltwater. We rely on its abundant resources to feed our population. Overfishing is being felt worldwide as fleets depart their countries scouring the Oceans for food. Pollution extends beyond our political boundaries as plastic Islands have formed in areas of rotating currents called gyres, while acidification has become another concern to these stocks from climate change. Mankind is having great impacts to planet Earth. To secure food for our future, we must look to the ancient techniques of aquaculture. The chief issue that must be resolved is disease outbreaks that account for Billions of dollars in losses today, increasing costs and limiting these vital proteins from consumers. Aquaculture and aquariums encourage bacteria to consume the toxic waste products, resulting in perfect conditions for pathogens and competitive microbes. We have developed technology to eliminate pollutants and pathogens so fish and crustaceans can flourish and grow. 

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